Upcoming Events

OPTIMISE Final Conference  

21-23 February, Sofia – Bulgary

Please follow link to page for further information: http://optimise.dcs.aber.ac.uk/optimise-final-conference/


Core Group (WG1, WG2, WG3) Workshop, Toulouse, 20 – 22 November 2011

Please follow link to page for further information: http://optimise.dcs.aber.ac.uk/core-group-wg1-wg2-wg3-final-meeting-toulouse-20th-to-22nd-november-2017/



The 8th call for appications for Short Term Scientific Missions has been announced.  Please follow the link for further info: http://optimise.dcs.aber.ac.uk/stsms/call-for-stsm-applications-2016-now-open/


We would like to invite you to attend the upcoming workshop “From Photosystems to Ecosystems” in Potsdam/Berlin, Germany, 24 – 26 Oct 2017.

You can find more details on: http://www.potsdam-flux- workshop.eu

We are happy to share our third issue of the OPTIMISE COST Action (ES1309) Newsletter – please follow the link to view: Newsletter 3


Laboratory cal/val workshop, Bucharest, Romania.  13th to 15th March 2017: for further details follow the link:  http://optimise.dcs.aber.ac.uk/workshops-meetings/laboratory-calval-workshop-bucharest-13th-to-15th-march-2017/


Footprint Modelling Expert Workshop, University of Twente, 13/02/2017 to 16/02/17 : for further details: http://optimise.dcs.aber.ac.uk/workshops-meetings/footprint-modeling-expert-workshop/

New call for STSM applications, deadline for applications 31/01/2017.  Please follow link to pagehttp://optimise.dcs.aber.ac.uk/stsms/call-for-stsm-applications-2016-now-open/

We are happy to share with you the second issue of the OPTIMISE COST Action (ES1309) Newsletter – please follow the link:


The Annual Workshop and Management Committee meeting will be held in February 2017.

Details are available on the following page: http://optimise.dcs.aber.ac.uk/workshops-meetings/annual-workshop-and-mc-meeting-february-2016/

Progress Reports for the action are now available for you to read:  http://optimise.dcs.aber.ac.uk/dissemination/progress-reports/

Spectral Information System

Working Group 1 will be specializing in Spectral Information Systems.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

The focus of Working Group 2 is the use of hyperspectral sensors on unmanned aerial platforms.

Reflectance and Fluorescence

Working Group 3 will be concentrating on the integration of Reflectance, Solar-Induced Fluorescence, Water and Carbon Flux measurements.