(Taken from the COST Website)

If you or your institution wants to join OPTIMISE (ESSEM COST Action ES1309), please consider one of the following:

If your institution is from one of the 35 COST Member Countries:

  • If your country has yet to accept the Action’s Memorandum of Understanding, contact your COST National Coordinator (list) who can launch your country’s participation procedure in this Action (only possible if national funding for the Actions’ activity is available). Once done, the CNC can officially nominate you as a representative of your country to the Action’s Management Committee. Please also contact the Grant Manager of our Action, Ms. Sallie Jones, to register your interest with the Action.
  • If your country has already accepted the Action’s Memorandum of Understanding,
    • but hasn’t nominated 2 representatives, contact your National Coordinator who can nominate you as a representative of your country to the Management Committee. Please also contact Ms. Sallie Jones to register your interest.
    • and has already nominated 2 representatives, please contact Ms. Sallie Jones expressing your interest in joining one or more of the Action’s Working Groups.


For institutions from Near Neighbour Countries and International Partner Countries:

Researchers from institutions in Near Neighbour Countries and International Partner Countries can participate in COST Actions on the basis of mutual benefit (see COST Vademecum 1.2 : ), to be approved by the JAF on a case-by-case basis.

Once their participation is approved, researchers from these countries can participate in the Action. In the Management Committee of the Action they are considered as Management Committee Observers (with no right to vote).

Additionally, when more than two institutions from the same near Neighbour Country or International Partner Country participate in a COST Action they are requested to coordinate their participation, as they can be represented by a total maximum of two members in the Management Committee of the Action.

Financial Support

Researchers from International Partner Countries are not eligible for reimbursement.

Researchers from Near Neighbour Countries are eligible for reimbursement.

In addition, researchers from Argentina, New Zealand and South Africa may join the Action on the basis of mutual benefit – thanks to Reciprocal Agreements signed by COST with these countries. Detailed information is available on theReciprocal Agreements page.


In all cases, your application to the Action will be sent to the Management Committee for consideration. When applying, please send the following documents to Ms. Sallie Jones:

  • A short covering letter explaining your interest in the Action, such as what Working Groups you would like to be involved in;
  • An academic CV/Resume giving evidence of your status as a Researcher. In order to join the Action you have to be an Early Stage Researcher at minimum.

For readability, it is preferred that the above documents are submitted as PDF files.