OPTIMISE Ecosystem Metadata Workshop – (Luxembourg) – September 2017

The OPTIMISE workshop “Ecosystem specific metadata definition” has as goal to define a set of (mandatory) metadata for spectral point data collections (such as a spectrometer on a flux tower) that characterise the ecosystem, aligned with current international efforts in the spectroscopy community.

Preliminary Program

Day 1

Part 1: Establishing the Background (12’ + 3’ discussion)

– Andy Hueni: General introduction – The contextual awareness – Metadata in General

– Martin Schlerf: Agriculture Focus talk

– Lola Suarez: plant physiology focus talk

– Eugenie Paul-Limoges: environmental conditions in relation to plant fluorescence (plant stress)

– Sebastian Wolf: gas exchange and plants

– Kaniska Malik: evapotranspiration aspects

– Fabian Schneider: landscape and target structure and diversity measurements

– Zbynek Malenovsky: upscaling leaf to ecosystem: the physical upscaling of the spectral signal and thoughts on the upscaling of metadata

– Shari Wittenberghe: Temporal dynamics of plant response (pigment pools et al) and impacts on metadata


Part 2: Breakout groups 

  • Plant physiology (at the plant/target level)
  • Environmental Conditions (moisture, wind, humidity, temperature)
  • Ecosystem Level (the target and its surroundings, i.e. the bigger picture)
  • Temporal Dynamics


Part 3: Discussion and first conclusions of the breakout groups

  • Scales: plant to Ecosystem level
  •      Metadata per topic